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About Lowell Manufacturing Co.LOWELL-TJW

70yearsSince 1947, Lowell Manufacturing has developed products for professional systems integration. Employing a quality-plus-value focus, we provide integrators with products that install with ease and perform well. From boardrooms and multimedia areas, to sports arenas, educational facilities and HOW venues, Lowell products work tirelessly behind the scenes to provide seamless integration for professionally installed systems.

Company History

Our roots go back to 1947, when founder Ben Lowell was awarded the first design patents for spun aluminum baffles that formed the nucleus of a new product line. The idea of "sound from the ceiling" was novel then and the fledgling company was launched from the second floor of a modest two story building in the city of St. Louis.

Founder Ben LowellLowell Logo 1973Lowell's Original Building

In 1954 the company moved to Maplewood, Mo. to expand the manufacturing area and better house the growing product line. The 1950s continued with the company receiving design patents and introducing a line of cabinets sold under the brand name Lowell Metal Works and in 1960 another building was added for manufacturing prototypes and custom metal products. In 1961, Lowell introduced the world's first plastic molded speaker grille to supplement its line of metal baffles and enclosures. Two additional design patents for speaker baffles were also awarded.

Lowell Building

In the 1970s and 1980s Lowell expanded its audio product line, increasing its offering of backboxes to include large cubic volume enclosures for convention centers, airports and performing arts centers. The company was in a unique position to package components needed for sound masking speakers in ceiling plenum spaces. During this time current President and CEO John Lowell joined the company's sales and marketing department. His brother Wilhelm Lowell came onboard in 1980, eventually moving into operations and new product development.

From the 1990s into the new millennium, Lowell Manufacturing progressed to a state-of-the-art facility in Pacific, Mo. to house advanced fabrication and powder coat painting equipment capable of producing a level of quality never before seen in the industry. This led to the introduction of a new line of equipment racks, cabinets and rack accessories that continues to expand into new markets. Lowell also developed AC power products ranging from remote power controls and sequencing to Advanced Surge Suppression. Design patents were awarded for an innovative Lay-In Tile Speaker System, Universal horn/speaker, and key-actuated volume control.

Tom Lowell joined the company in 2008, bringing a background in distribution sales. Today the three Lowell brothers are adding their mark to the rich history of the company founded by their parents, Ben and Dorothy Lowell, as they design and manufacture products in the USA, while supporting the American worker and the economy.

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