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Product Selection.  Photos make it easy to find products quickly. Select Rack, Power, or Audio from the main drop down menu at the top of the page to reach category pages for browsing. Most site pages include a "Recently Viewed Products" list in the right hand column.

Side-by-Side Product Comparison.  Click the compare icon  on two or more models in a category page, then double-click the last icon selected (or click the compare button in the right hand column of the page) and the comparison chart pops up. When viewing individual product pages, the compare button is located at the bottom of the page. To clear all product selections, click the button at top/right of most pages. MORE...

Three Ways to Find A Rack.
(1) Choose a rack by APPLICATION using the drop down menus at the top of any page. Select the type needed (floor, wall, etc.) and jump to the section where photos make it easy to select the rack series most appropriate for the project.
(2) Choose a rack by SIZE  using the Rack Finder at the bottom of the home page and selecting the tool on the left. Two dropdown menus let you select RU and depth to find your rack. If you don’t see a style you like just adjust the size selections up/down to see more options.
(3) Choose a rack by LOCATION/STYLE using the Rack Finder at the bottom of the home page and selecting the tool on the right. Click ‘start’ and answer a series of questions to drill down to a specific rack model suggestion for your project.

How To Find A Sound Masking Speaker.
The Sound Masking Speaker Finder at the bottom of the home page brings access to the online tool that walks you through a series of questions to select the right model for your project.

Videos.  Click the YouTube button at the bottom of any page to jump to the latest product videos. Videos are also posted on relevant pages throughout the site.

Pricing.  MSRP pricing is automatically displayed for products until you register for an online account and log-in. This allows your dealer pricing to display.

Enhanced Search.  Locate a specific product by entering the model number (with or without dashes).

How To Figure Spacing Between Speakers.
The Speaker Spacer at the bottom of the home page provides access to the calculator that helps figure correct spacing for your project. You'll need the ceiling height, average listening height (typically 4 ft. sitting or 5 ft. standing), and model number for the Lowell speaker to be used in the project. There is also a link to a white paper on Speaker Spacing for the Integrator.

Log-in Benefits

Please click this icon  to request an online account and allow some time for the request to process (it is not instantaneous). Consultants are encouraged to apply for online account status as are dealers and professional systems integrators. Once an account is established you can log in for access to the following services:

• Create Material Lists.  Create Material Lists for specific projects to save, share and use for placing full or partial orders. Add to the list by clicking "Add to Materials List" at the bottom of product pages.

• Save Favorite Products.  Create a Favorites Page to store links to the products you order most frequently.

• Place Orders.  Quick and easy ordering can be accomplished by adding products directly to the shopping cart or by starting with a "Materials List" that you have saved and adding it to a cart.

• Access Account Information.  Once you're logged in, click the account icon  in the upper right corner and select "My Account." This is where you can check order status and invoices as well as review material lists and favorite products. This is also the area to change personal passwords.