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sound masking generator with amplifier
SMGA-25:  Sound Masking Generator w/25W Amplifier

SMGA-25: Sound Masking Generator w/25W Amplifier

$583.68 MSRP

NEW 2018 sound masking generator with 25W amplifier -- produces analog pink noise signal with pre- and post-EQ line levels. Amplifier output is 8 ohm or 70V. Bass, mid, and treble controls allow for basic noise shaping without an external equalizer. Auxiliary input level control allows you to add paging or background music to the masking system. Includes power supply and mounting brackets for rack, shelf, wall, or under counter use.


• Noise Generator:  Pre-EQ and Post-EQ line level (~500mV) pink noise signal output. Pre-EQ output has flat spectrum that can be used as the input to equalizers that feed power amplifiers for masking systems that require precise equalization. Post-EQ output spectrum is adjusted by bass, mid, and treble controls and can be used for less demanding applications that utilize basic spectrum shaping.

• Amplifier:  Speaker line output is adjusted by bass, mid, and treble controls.

• Power supply with universal input (100-240VAC) and 24VDC @ 2.5A output.

• Chassis: 12.2 in.  x 3.2 in. x 6 in. (plus rackmount brackets)


• Made in the U.S.A. with global components


• Spec Sheet:  1880-SMGA25


The sound masking generator/amplifier shall be Lowell Model SMGA-25. The generator shall produce an analog pink noise signal and have Pre-EQ and Post-EQ hi-Z line level outputs. Generator controls shall include level, bass, mid, and treble. The amplifier shall provide up to 25W amplification to drive sound masking speakers (ordered separately), and feature outputs at 8ohm and 70V line. The amplifier shall have an independently controlled auxiliary hi-Z line level input to mix paging, music, or signaling with the masking system. The unit shall be housed in a steel chassis measuring 12.2" x 3.2" x 6." It shall include mounting brackets and a power supply with universal input (100–240VAC) and 24VDC @ 2.5A output.

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