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FDC4-HR Series:  Fan Panels for Half Rack

FDC4-HR Series: Fan Panels for Half Rack

$159.70$185.64 MSRP

Rackmount fan panels for use with Lowell LHFR Series half width rack.


• Material:  Steel with black semi-gloss powder epoxy finish

• Panel Size:  10.375 in. x 1.625 in. x 1U

• Four fans with guards

• Fan Diameter:  1.57 in.

• Total Airflow Rating:  36cfm

• Total Noise Rating:  38dB

• Power supply with 6 ft. cord

• Optional thermostat probe to control fan operation


• Made in the U.S.A.

• Certified U.S. steel


• Spec Sheet:  1211-FDC41HR


The fan panel for a half rack shall be Lowell Model No. __________. Housing shall measure 1.75 (1U) x 10.375 x 1.625 inches [45 x 264 x 41mm] and have a black powder epoxy finish. The panel shall include four fans, each with a 1.57 in. [40mm] diameter. Total airflow rating is 36cfm; total noise rating is 38dB. The unit shall include a UL Listed power supply with four plug adaptors—NEMA 1-15 for North America, Schuko CEE 7/16 for central Europe, BS1362 for the U.K. and AS3112 for Australia/New Zealand. It shall require 9.6 watts of power.

The fan panel shall also include an optional thermostat probe to control fan operation, which shall automatically activate fans when ambient temperature reaches 86˚F [30˚C] and deactivate them when temperature reaches 72˚F [22.2˚C].

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FDC4-1HR NO $159.70 MSRP
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FDC4-1HRT YES $185.64 MSRP
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