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Build a Powerstac: 

Note to New Customers:  Before submitting your Powerstac configuration, please contact the sales rep in your area to set up an account with Lowell.


Select chassis length: 30, 60 or 75-inches (limited by rack height).


Select connection type — either J-box (mounted to rack interior or exterior) or non-metallic flexible conduit. Click here for dimensions and allowable wire combinations.


Starting with the First Module (the power module that will sit closest to J-box or conduit connection), select enough individual (5, 10, or 15-inch) power modules to equal the length of the chassis. Select modules in the order desired, choosing "blank" modules if needed to fill the entire chassis. Note: Do not select more modules than needed. The number of modules selected will depend on chassis length and the length of each module selected. For example, a 30-in. chassis could hold as few as two 15-in. modules or as many as six 5-in. modules. Stop selecting modules when you reach the correct length for the chassis.  All 15 positions displayed below will not be used unless you want to fill a 75-inch chassis entirely with 5-in. modules (15 positions x 5 in. each = 75 in. length). Click here to view the power module library in a separate window while making your selections.
First Module (closest to J-box or Conduit): 
Second Module:
Third Module:
Fourth Module:
Fifth Module:
Sixth Module:
Seventh Module:
Eighth Module:
Ninth Module:
Tenth Module:
Eleventh Module:
Twelfh Module:
Thirteenth Module:
Fourteenth Module:
Fifteenth Module:


Select the "Rackmount Position" where the Powerstac is to be mounted. Positions are described as they appear to an installer standing at the back of a rack (click here for illustration). Please include this information even if you plan to mount the Powerstac yourself.

STEP FIVE (optional):

SIG option for isolated ground (IG) modules with multiple circuits: if you want to include an independent conductor for each circuit check the box at right; otherwise leave it unchecked and a common IG conductor will be used. Click here for information on allowable wire combinations for this option.


Custom model number & pricing:

  To obtain the custom model number and pricing, complete the information below and click the submit button. Upon receipt, Lowell will e-mail you the information, which you can then use to place an order in your usual manner.* Remember to print this form and keep a copy for your records.


Submit form to Lowell for custom model no. / pricing:
*Note: Submitting this form generates a model number and pricing but does not place the order. Please use the custom model number that will be provided to you via e-mail to place the order in your usual manner. Contact customer service at 800-325-9660 for more information.

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