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Lowell Rack Power Audio

UL LISTED Sound Masking Speakers —

InfoComm 2013


For greater conversational privacy and productivity in the workplace, add the new UL Listed SM810, SM820 or SM410 series sound masking speaker, which consists of a speaker (4” single cone, 8”dual cone, or 8” coaxial), transformer, steel enclosure with grille, and choice of mounting hardware (hangers for single-point suspension or bridge rails).

Model series: SM810A, SM820A, SM410A Spec No. 1187

• Ready to install

• Choice of speaker type (8” 15W dual cone, 8” 50W coaxial, 4” single cone)

• Factory-wired transformer (taps at 4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4 @ 70V)

• 760 steel enclosure (acoustically lined with fiberglass) and grille. Black or white finish.

• SG handibox cover with dual combination knockouts for flex conduit. Romex connector for installations without conduit.

• Externally accessible input leads

• Mounting hardware (hangers with S-hooks and chain for single-point suspension OR bridge rails for installation directly on lay-in tile ceiling grid).



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